6 Useful Beach Travel Safety Tips You Must Definitely Know About

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Traveling to the beach, soaking in the sun and going for a swim is all very exciting. People of all ages tend to enjoy at the beach, and it makes for an amazing time out for individuals, friends or family.

However, it’s not all fun and games at the beach, and there are several things that you need to be careful about. Here we’ll share some useful beach travel tips that not only advise on safety, but also on ways to enhance your beach experience.

6 Beach Safety Tips you must know about

1. Supervised Beaches

If you’re traveling with your family and have children with you then it is highly advised that you opt for a supervised beach. We are all informed about the possible risks associated with swimming in the open sea, and a beach supervised by trained professionals, life guards and state authorities can make things a lot easier.

2. Know Your Flags (in the US)

Beaches in the US usually place flags that denote weather conditions and tell swimmers whether or not it is safe to go into the water. There are four flags that you need to be familiar with.

Green Flag – It is safe for everyone to swim.

Yellow Flag – Only strong swimmers can venture out.

Red Flag – Nobody should try to be adventurous. Stay close to the shore.

Double Red Flag – Very dangerous. People should stay away from the water.

3. Be Careful While Diving

Diving can be fun, but you need to be aware of the water’s depth before you jump right into it. Beaches see their fair share of diving accidents and they can get ugly if you miscalculate. So, make sure that the diving spot is well-known, it has a good depth and that there are no dangerous rocks nearby.

4. Protect Yourself from the Sun

You need to protect yourself and your children from the harmful effects of the scorching sun. You probably won’t find a lot of shade at the beach, so umbrellas and sunscreen will have to do the job.

Remember, there is a difference between a suntan and a sunburn. So, please be careful and save yourself from the sun’s UV rays as much as possible.

5. Educate Yourself About Drowning

Most people are really uninformed when it comes to drowning, and overestimate their chances of saving someone who is drowning or helping themselves if they get caught in a similar situation.

Drowning is scary and nothing like what you see in the movies. Drowning people cannot wave their arms, they cannot scream for help as such, and are at the mercy of someone taking notice.

Hence, it is recommended that you read up on drowning, and inform yourself of the possible signs of someone drowning, and the ways in which you can help them without panicking.

6. Learn CPR

As adults we should all learn CPR. It is a lifesaving technique and is a must-have skill for someone who loves going to the beach a lot.

Rest assured, these tips aren’t meant to scare you or anything, but something that you should bear in mind in order to decrease or inhibit the chances of any unfortunate accidents taking place.

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