8 Best Beaches in Europe That You Should Travel To

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Are you planning a trip to Europe? Are you interested in going to the beaches there and have a great time? Well, if that is the case, then you’re in luck because we’re putting together a list of the top eight beaches in Europe that you should absolutely visit if you get the chance.

Top 8 Beaches in Europe

Porthminster Beach in England

First on our list is Porthminster Beach. It is located near Cornwall, and has an abundance of beautiful sandy beaches that you can visit for relaxation and enjoyment. 

There are plenty of places to stay near the beach however, not all can offer a beach facing view so you’ll have to get lucky in order to find a hotel room where you wake up to see the vast open sea right in front of you.

Nerja Beach in Spain

Andalusia is blessed with majestic sites, natural beauty and an invaluable heritage. Nerja Beach is a popular tourist destination due to its magnificent beach, the splendid mountains and the gorgeous views that it has to offer.

St. Nicholas Island, Montenegro

Perhaps, one of the smallest islands in Europe, St. Nicholas Island offers three excellent beaches for tourists to enjoy. It offers picturesque views and is truly an incredible beach for you to spend a day or two.

Pasjaca Beach in Croatia

Pasjaca Beach is a natural marvel. It is beautifully placed under the foot of a rocky hill, and offers serenity and quiet to all those who get here. The beach is not a place for people who intend to play loud music or engage in thrilling water sports, rather it is a more laidback sort of beach where tranquility is the preferred vibe.

Bestouan Beach, France

If you’re an admirer of lovely beaches then Bestouan Beach is sure to leave you in awe. The Beach is probably among the most popular beaches in France and attracts plenty of people from all around Europe. Be sure to check it out too.

Bolata Beach, Bulgaria

The place is actually a cove that nestles this beautiful beach we call Bolata. It’s a sunny beach so you’ll need to carry your sunscreen as well. Please make sure you take care of your surroundings there and use biodegradable products if possible because the area is also part of a natural reserve.

Mamaia Beach in Romania

Located roughly two hours away from Bolata Beach is another incredible beach called Mamaia Beach. It is situated in Romania.

It is a long stretch of golden sand somewhat reminiscent of the American Miami beach although at a more affordable price. It is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Romania and deserves a visit if you are nearby.

Vlychos Beach in Greece

The beach is on Hydra Island in Greece, and is truly a spectacular beach. It hosts a small bar which still plays music from the 70s to entertain its guests while also maintaining perfect nostalgia of the good old days. The beach is the perfect place to relax and offers a great escape from the stresses of life.

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