7 Things You Absolutely Must Pack When Going to The Beach

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We’ve already published an article on beach safety for all of you to read. However, this time around we’re compiling a list of items that you should definitely be carrying when going to the beach alone, or with the fam.

Following is a list of seven essential items that we think are an absolute must on beach travels. These items are meant to enhance your experience at the beach and to make you fall in love with it, even more.

7 Must Have Beach Items

1. Beach Towels

You’re on the beach. Chances are you’re going to get wet because it is difficult to resist the urge to immerse yourself in the gigantic mass of water right in front of you. So, our advice to you is to carry some beach towels with you to help in drying off after a swim in the ocean.

2. Sunscreen

Almost all articles and guides on beach travel place sunscreen as the most important thing in your travel kit, and we recommend it just like the rest. Sunscreen is extremely important on such trips as it helps protect you from the sun’s harmful rays which can cause sunburn if you remain exposed to it for extended lengths of time.

3. Icy Water Bottles

You can expect it to be quite humid and hot at the beach. Therefore, it is vital that you carry lots of water with you. Ideally, you should freeze water bottles so they remain cold as they melt and allow you to enjoy cool refreshing water on your trip. Furthermore, it helps save on the usual snack bar drinks that are available at the beachside.

4. Medical Kit

Anybody can run into small accidents at the beach, and there is no need to spoil an entire trip just because you lacked a first aid kit at the time. It is highly recommended, and we cannot stress this enough, that you carry a first aid kit with yourself whenever your plan to hit the beach. You never know when you’d need one.

5. Snacks

Pack up enough snacks for your family on a beach trip. As people run, swim and enjoy at the beach, they burn up calories fast and are in constant need of energy. Your favorite snacks, homemade sandwiches, and drinks are going to be a lifesaver on such occasions.

6. Beach Mats

A beach mat is really handy on the beach. It can be used to lie down on, or have something to eat with the family. Plus, really fancy beach mats now have pockets to hold your belongings and even have weights at the corners to keep them from blowing over due to the wind.

7. Cooler Bag

Apart from carrying ice-cold water bottles, you need to be carrying a cooler bag for all practical purposes. These bags can help keep your fruits, snacks and drinks fresh and cool for you to enjoy during any part of your trip. Trust us, nobody likes to sip on a hot drink or eat soggy food at the beach, and a cooler bag can definitely help you in avoiding just that.

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