5 Inexpensive Beaches You Can Travel to on a Budget

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We all love some amazing time at the beach. You can enjoy a host of activities and have hours of fun even if you’re on a tight budget. So, whether you’re heading there alone, or with friends, or your family, beaches can offer excitement and relaxation without having to bear exorbitant costs.

So, there are several beaches around the world that are known for their luxurious resorts, or high costs but here we’ll compile a quick list of the top five inexpensive beaches that you can go to – no questions asked.

So, let’s begin without wasting anymore time.

Best Beach Travel’s list of Top 5 Budget Beaches

Oregon’s Cannon Beach

This isn’t your stereotypical beach outing. Cannon Beach is a sight to behold. It is blessed with picturesque views, a lovely beach and countless opportunities for astounding photography.

You can’t help but notice the massive bulging boulders that seem to protrude from the depths of the ocean. These amazing rock formations dominate the scene at Cannon Beach, and will probably remain the highlight of your visit there.

Manzanillo, Mexico

Fly to Mexico for you next beach escapade especially if you’re looking to make the most of your travel without having to spend tons of money.

You can find accommodation easily here in Manzanillo. Try booking a sea-facing apartment or a small house if you’re traveling with more than your fair share of people. The apartments and houses are a steal and allow families to spend some quality time.

It’s a beach resort town with lots of eateries and things to do. Don’t forget to try the seafood restaurants here, that’s a one-of-a-kind experience.

Ocho Rios in Jamaica

Ocho Rios is right up there among Jamaica’s top travel destinations. It is a favorite among newly-weds and is considered a well-known honeymoon or couple’s destination. However, there is something for everyone here whether that’s individual backpackers, or entire families looking to have some quality time.

There are various eateries, cafés and restaurants that are very affordable in the area so you’ll feel very welcome at Ocho Rios.

Myrtle Beach in South Carolina

South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach has everything there is that makes for an awesome beach travel experience. It has a bustling night life, an abundance of fun-filled activities, and most important of all, a stunning beach on the Atlantic Coast.

It is cheap to get to Myrtle Beach. The flights here are very affordable in order to encourage more tourism. Furthermore, people residing in the southern cities can easily drive to Myrtle Beach if that is what they prefer.

There are plenty of hotels here, and accommodation isn’t as costly compared to other places.

Corfu, Greece

It’s not new information that Greece’s economy is in a prolonged struggling phase. However, as a result of the economic downturn, beaches in Greece became a lot more affordable for people from around the world, and Corfu is one such destination.

Don’t get us wrong, it isn’t a steal but if you plan correctly, that is if you settle for accommodation that does not include many of the luxurious amenities then you can enjoy Corfu on a budget.

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