Honeymoon Destinations

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Choosing a perfect international honeymoon destination is the only way to celebrate the most important event of your life. Both you as well as your partner need to be on the same page because honeymoon is the celebration of a special relationship you share with your partner. From going on a cruise to setting off for the far Himalayas, couples have tried almost every trick in the book to make their honeymoon memorable. Well, if you’re busy planning your honeymoon too then here’s a list of some of the most stunning and blissful international honeymoon destinations. Always be sure to book in advance to ensure the best prices as well as availability.

Fiji Islands

Private beaches, golden sunshine, and the love of your life add up to a dreamy honeymoon in the spectacular Fiji islands. Let your heart spill out only love while you explore the private beaches and the dark jungles. The ever-welcoming sky blue water is just the right color that you want to wrap around your body and soul! Fiji Islands is at the top of the list of couples looking for an exotic and splendid location to spend some quality time.

Couples can stay at the luxury villas, sunbathe on the golden beaches and pamper themselves at the premium quality spa. Some couples even love to indulge in water sports and spend the lazy evenings enjoying romantic dinners.


Color your honeymoon in Blue and White this year by opting for one of the hottest honeymoon destinations in the globe. Sandy beaches, clear water, pleasant climate and romantic resorts make for this perfect Greek honeymoon gateway. There’s no better place than the “Great Greece” to celebrate love, romance and the special bond called Marriage!

From great food to exotic locations –Greece offers everything that you ever wanted on your honeymoon!


If you’re looking for a secluded, exotic and rich honeymoon gateway then there’s no better option than Seychelles. Sandy beaches, solitude and your soul mate – that’s all you will get in Seychelles. Virgin rainforests and water sports await the adventurous couples on their Seychelles honeymoon. Mahe Island, Cousine Island and La Digue are a must-see when you’re visiting this amazing country with your loved one.


At first glance, Kenya might not come across as a great honeymoon destination but if you’re looking to go really wild on your honeymoon then Kenya is an ideal choice. The land of Masai tribe offers a vibrant wildlife for you to explore while holding hands with your beloved. Don’t forget to take the hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara – it’s going to sweep her of her feet for sure!

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