Visit These Countries For The Food

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When you start thinking of where to travel to, you definitely will have a lot of places in mind. Also, you will have some factors to consider before deciding where to go. You probably will be asking yourself, which country is the safest? Which country is the friendliest? Which country has the highest number and most fabulous tourist attraction? I will not oppose this kind of thoughts because they are indeed important. However, there is an even more vital question; which country serves the best cuisine?

Below are the top five countries in the world you will want to visit because of the food they serve.

  1. Italy

It is not surprising that Italy tops the list of the best cuisine, I mean look at pizza, which is their original creation. Most Italian foods are made from olive oil, tomato, and bread. The green, yellow and red cuisine will always leave you licking your hands, wishing you could get a recipe of your own. But that’s where the problem comes because most Italian foods are better left for the professionals as they take a lot. Other favorite meals in Italy are Risotto, Ravioli, Tiramisu, and Italian coffee.

  1. France

Another country you will want to visit is France. The country has the best serving restaurants, and their famous croissants will leave you wishing for more. However, the dishes that have had tourists going crazy are snails, horse stick, coq au vin and of course the frog legs.

  1. Spain

You should not call yourself a food lover until you taste Spanish food. Just like Italy, most of their foods are made with olive oil, and since it is the home to olive oil, it means a lot of use. Cities most fancied by travelers are Barcelona and Madrid for the cava and Spanish tapas. Another place tourists have not yet discovered is Catalonia with their deliciously made seafood. You might want to give this place a shot.

  1. Mexico

Mexican foods have been influenced by Spanish cuisines and some African and Asian food, to bring out the best. Most of the cuisines include corn, beans, and chili. Meat is also their favorite, and it will be a disappointment traveling to the country and leaving without having a taste of their delicious chicken, pork or beef.

  1. India

Indian is home to a variety of food as they eat according to their religious groups. According to which religious group you belong, you can either be a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian. However, the most popular dish Alu Gobi, which is made with cauliflower and potato, spiced up with various Indian spices. Other dishes you should consider trying when you visit are Rogan Josh, Malai Kofta, the professionally made butter chicken and Tandoori chicken.


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