Beach Camping Tips: 6 Things You Cannot Afford To Ignore

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Most travelers are on the lookout for adventure and new experiences. Everybody’s been to the beach, but have you ever camped under the starry sky while the waves gently crash onto the sandy beach?

If not, then you are missing out on an incredible experience. However, there are several things that you need to be careful about in order to ensure that your outing remains pleasant and jovial. Following are some tips that can help you out if you’re going beach camping for the first time.

Beach Camping Tips for Safety of your Family

Not All Beaches Allow Camping

First up, you need to put in some work to find which beaches allow people to camp. There are different rules in place in different countries and states. So, you need to make sure that the beach you intend to visit allows beach camping. As far as the US is concerned, we’ve compiled a short list of some of the best beaches that allow people to camp.

4-Wheel Drive Vehicles Only

If you plan to take your vehicle straight to your camping site on the beach then it is imperative that you have 4WD. Cars or vehicles that are not 4WD can get stuck in the sand, and can add unnecessary stress to a, otherwise, relaxing trip.

Keep Your Tent Shut

It’s not news that beaches are windy and sandy. The wind can blow a lot of the sand inside your tent if you don’t keep it closed. Hence, it is advised that you make sure you keep the tent closed whenever you move in or out, or risk having layers of sand and silt in your tent.

Research Beach Conditions

Before you go beach camping, you need to familiarize yourself with the weather conditions in the area. You need to be up-to-date with information about the wind, the temperature and the tides.

You don’t want to set up camp at a location that is likely to submerge when the tide is in neither do you want to go camping on a particularly bleak or windy day. So, gather all the info and select a day that you deem best.


Lighting a fire on the beachside can really set the vibe. Go about chatting around the fire, enjoy some music or just start cooking some marshmallows. But, be careful to start the fire at a safe place away from shrubs and other plant forms which are likely to catch fire.

Finally, make sure that you adequately put out the fire before you leave the beach for the safety of other travelers.

Take Care of the Beach

Lastly, as someone who is considering to go beach camping, you need to be responsible for keeping the beach hospitable and clean. 

Remember, there are other people who will come after you to enjoy the beach and so it is your responsibility to leave the beach as you had found it. Pick up any trash, don’t leave empty bottles or wrappers lying around, and make sure the beach remains welcoming for other people.

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