8 Fun Things to do at the Beach with Family

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Beaches are for everybody. From adults to kids to your furry little pooches; everyone enjoys an outing at the beach. However, not everybody enjoys the same way. Adults usually just enjoy lying there on the beach listening to some music, work on their tan or take an occasional dip into the water.

Kids, on the other hand, are much more creative when it comes to making the most of their time at the beach. So, parents can use their time at the beach to bond with their kids in a way that satiates the children’s creativity while also allowing them to have fun together as a family.

8 Beach Activities you can enjoy with Kids

1. Make a Sundial

All you need is a stick and a few pebbles to get a sundial going. Your children can put everything in place as per your instruction and can learn how the sun relates to the way we tell time.

2. Search for Seashells

One of the more time-consuming activities on the seashore, you can ask your kids to go hunting for seashells. Encourage them to find all sorts of different shapes, or let it be all-out competition where the one with most shells wins.

3. Beach Tents

Bring a small sheet with you from home. Give it to your children and ask them to set up a small tent big enough for them only. They’ll have to get crafty. They’ll have to find whatever they can on the beach that can help them in setting up the tent.

4. Faces in the Sand

A fun game for smaller children, making funny faces in the sand can take up a lot of time. It’s lovely to see your kids laugh and enjoy drawing on the beach. They can even try to draw all the emotions that they feel on the sand.

5. Natural Sounds

Have your kids identify all the different sounds of the beach. Ask them whether it resembles any of the musical instruments that they might have heard. Listening to these natural sounds really elevates one’s pleasure at the beach, and can help you educate your children about the importance of the simpler blessings of life.

6. Numbers and Alphabets

Ask your children to write the entire alphabet on the sand as big as they can, without disturbing anybody obviously. You can do the same to teach them numbers or counting or whatever that comes to your mind. They’ll definitely enjoy playing in the sand while they learn unknowingly.

7. Water Bucket Race

It’s a fun game that you can play with children. Parents will hold an empty bucket and ask the child to run to the ocean and fetch some water in a cup. The task is to fill the bucket as quickly as possible.

You can play the game with other parents and have a competition. The bucket that gets filled first wins!

8. Tug of War

Lastly, there is the all-time beach favorite, the tug of war. Get a rope and place the two teams opposite each other. Draw a line in the sand. The team to pull the other over the line first wins!

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