How to keep your Dog Safe at the Beach

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Beaches are fun places for just about anybody, and it is no different for our pet dogs. Dogs seem to enjoy at the beach in particular. They enjoy the breeze, the occasional dip in the sea, the vast space to roam around, run and play catch with their masters.

Nonetheless, beaches are unknown terrain for most dogs, and there are some associated risks that you need to be aware of before taking your dog to the beach. In the paragraphs that follow, we’ve listed ways as to how you should take care of your dog at the beach to ensure that he enjoys while also being safe.

Taking Care of Your Dog at the Beach

Keep Him Hydrated

Dogs have an awful tendency to drink seawater if they feel thirsty. Drinking seawater can cause a number of problems for the dog, and can get him sick too. So, it’s best that you carry a water bowl for him and offer him clean water to drink at regular intervals. If he remains hydrated, he won’t have the urge to drink salty seawater.

Dogs Don’t Sweat

We all know that dogs don’t sweat, and that means that a hot day at the beach can end up giving them a heatstroke, especially if they are allowed for too long to play and bask in the sun.

Make sure you that you keep him cool, by wetting his legs, tummy and neck. But never use ice cubes or cold water to cool him off because it might make matters worse. Normal temperature water is ideal to get the job done.

Get Some Shade

Dogs are just as susceptible to sunstroke or sunburn as humans. So, it’s best to get them some shade too. Have them sit under an umbrella when needed, and apply sunscreen on them to keep them protected from the sun.

Note: Do Not Apply Human Sunscreen on Your Dog Under Any Circumstances. Purchase Sunscreens that are Made Especially For Dogs.

Dog Towels and Life Jackets

Your dog will probably love it at the beach, and go straight into the water to have some fun. It’s important to carry some dog towels with you to dry him off after he’s had a good swim. Moreover, it’s also a good idea to make him wear a life jacket if you’re particularly worried that the sea might be too rough for him.

Keep an Eye on Him

When you’re on the beach, you need to be aware of your dog’s whereabouts. Sadly, not everybody likes dogs. They might scare some people even if they are being friendly with them. Moreover, they can go and fetch someone else’s belongings on the beach which can also be a cause for concern.

Perhaps, the best way to keep an eye on your dog is to keep him engaged with the rest of your family. Bring his toys along, and let him remain busy with those. Bring a frisbee and play catch with him or just take him with you to a long walk by the beach side.

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