Niagra Falls In One Glorious Photo

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Have you ever viewed a spectacular photograph that provoked you to wonder where its’ exact location is so that you can plant your feet in that exact spot?  A photograph with white linen cloth scattered with a glass of champagne and remnants of fine dining leftover while overlooking the Canadian view of Niagra Falls from 775’ above the Niagra Falls Gorge forced me to do exactly that.


It’s location is the famous Skylon Tower located in Ontario, Canada.  It’s rotating rooftop restaurant offers fine dining as it rotates 360 degrees every hour with breathtaking views of Niagra Falls located 8,000 square kilometers away.  The Tower also offers a Summer Suite Buffet Dining Room for families as an additional option. It is the perfect spot for sightseeing.


Once your dining experience is complete you can jump on the “Yellow Bug” glass elevators to the Observation Deck above for free with the purchase of your meal.   If you prefer the view only,  you may purchase Observation Deck tickets separately for a 52 second elevator ride to the top.


Once on top of the Skylon Tower, the Observation Deck provides skyline views of Buffalo, New York, Toronto and the City of Ontario.  If the visibility is clear, you may see 80 miles away from the Tower. Down below is of course the impressive views of Niagra Falls.  You will also see views of the Niagra Falls Wine District, the Fallsview Casino and Queen Victoria Park nearby.


The Tower offers its’ 3D/4D “Legends of Niagra Falls” film while highlighting the Native Indian Legend, “Maid of the Mist”.  You may have heard of the Seneca Maid who lives behind the Mist of the Falls after she attempted to take her life in a canoe over the main Falls and was saved by “Heno” the God of Thunder.


There are many hotels nearby but the Niagra Falls Marriott is close to the Skylon Tower with similar spectacular views.  There are many sight seeing tours, golf courses, additional casinos, trails near the Falls, over 32 wineries, multiple Breweries including the Mega Brewing Company nearby.


If that is not enough entertainment, it’s been a long standing tradition since 1994 to offer a dazzling firework display from May – October every Friday, Saturday and Sunday plus some Canadian holidays. Check for the exact days before you plan your trip.  Otherwise there is a nightly illumination of the Falls.


I’m grateful for inventors like Nicephore Niepece who invented the first camera in 1816; because without him the wonder of Niagra Falls may have been just a tale a few men told.

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