On A Budget, Why Not Stay at Motel 6

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Sometimes all you need to feel better is a little time by yourself. A getaway to a serene environment can help you think straight or clear your mind. Travelling is never easy. The costs of staying in a hotel are always high. Regardless, sometimes you wake up and feel you just want to go somewhere. Whenever you feel like that, think of Motel 6.

Motel 6 is a chain if nice and comfy motels around the USA and Canada. Accommodation costs should no longer scare you from going on a weekend getaway. Motel 6 will have you covered anywhere you go in the USA and Canada. The motels are perfect when you want to spend some quality time with your better half as well.

You can book your room online at www.motel6.com before leaving. The online booking platform is user-intuitive and the process is seamless. You will have your room secured within a few minutes.

Motel 6, has accommodation options in all Major cities in USA and Canada. The specific prices of the rooms depend on which city is it as well as the size and amenities in the room. Motel 6 has one and two-bedroom options. Two people can use a one-bedroom, while four people can use a two-bedroom. The prices are nowhere near the sky-high prices charged by hotels. They offer impressive discounts for children and seniors. Pets can stay at the motel for free as well.

Amenities may include free Wi-Fi, Cable channel Tv, data ports, free morning coffee. Free local phone calls, and many others. Many of the locations have swimming pools and guest laundry areas as well.

Motel 6 also operates another chain called Studio 6. Both chains have over 1400 locations throughout the USA and Canada. Motel 6’s motto is “we leave the light on for you.” Its first location, launched in1962 leaves the light on to date. The initial price of a night’s stay at the motel was $6, hence the name Motel 6. Its well-oiled systems and amazing hospitality at the various locations put it a cut above many other economy lodging chains.

Motel 6 is your best bet if you are looking to have an inexpensive getaway from the daily hassles of your life. You can just pack up and decide to explore North America without worries. You will be assured of clean, safe and comfortable rooms at any Motel 6 location.

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