Visit Floridas High Springs

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In Florida there are Natural Springs that have crystal clear fresh water that bubbles up from its’ limestone surface and remains 72 degrees all year long.  These Springs attract the avid outdoorsman promoting outdoor sports such as snorkeling, diving, tubing, swimming, cave diving, canoeing and other activities along their water’s edge.


High Springs is a small town 20 miles Northwest of Gainesville, Florida and it depends on its’ nearby Springs to capture tourism for a healthy commerce. Its’ population is just over 6,000 people and the town showcases its’ Springs along with its’ art and antiques.


On the corner of Main Street is the Great Outdoors Restaurant which is located in a 1895 historic building that once was High Springs Opera House.  The lower level has been completely renovated with a rustic wood charm that hosts homemade signature soups and meals while offering a terrific outdoor area featuring Live music. The upstairs remains named “The Opera House” and is offered for banquets and special occasions.  The restaurant features large natural photographs that display all of the local  Springs, caves and wild life nearby.


Before tackling the Springs you can check into the historic Grady House Bed & Breakfast.  It features 5 bold color rooms and 1 cottage with a lush gardens on the property for your  relaxation and enjoyment.

Each morning you will rise to fresh brewed coffee, fruits and homemade baked goods before the formal southern gourmet breakfast feast is offered to its’ guests.


You’ll have your choice of Springs nearby to choose from.  The Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park is 5 miles west of High Springs. It features additional Springs  which include the Little Blue Spring, Naked Spring, Kiefer Spring and Jackson Spring.  Both swimmers and snorkels enjoy this park.


Approximately 6.5 miles Northwest of High Springs is Ginnie Springs, a privately owned park that allows for camping and it offers rental cottages. Ginnie Springs has 7 additional Springs and you may rent tubes to float down the Santa Fe River beginning at Devil Springs.  Once completed it’s a 15 minute walk back to the park.


One of the most known Springs is the Ichetucknee Springs State Park and it’s 14 miles northwest of High Springs.  It’s premiere activity is tubing along the Santa Fe River.  The park also offers snorkeling, canoeing, swimming and diving in the Blue Hole Cave.


7 miles due North of High Springs is the River Rise Preserve State Park or also known as O’Leno State Park. That is due to the Santa Fe River traveling from River Rise underground through O’ Leno State Park and it re-emerges into the River Rise Preserve where it ends at the Suwanee River.  You may swim, canoe, snorkel and tube at this park like the others but it offers 31 miles of trails for cyclists and for  equestrians.  This park includes camping with the option of renting horse stalls.


High Springs, Florida may be a small town but its’ Springs definitely offer over sized, outdoor adventures.

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