Cuban Cruises Extended to Circumnavigate the Island

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Pearl Seas Cruises has a nearly sold-out summer season of Great Lakes cruises following a busy spring season in Cuba.  “Guest satisfaction is at an all-time high with passengers loving the new shore tours and additional time in Cuba,” a company official said. Pearl Seas’ 11-night Cuba Cultural Voyages will cruise around Cuba and offer 3 times more time on the island than other lines. Pearl Seas will resume Cuba cruises late November through April 2019.

Like Cuba, the demand to take a cruise to the Great Lakes has been increasing year after year. Beginning this month, June 2018, Pearl Seas will be offering two of the best cruising experiences available on the Great Lakes: an 11-night Great Lakes & Georgian Bay itinerary and a 7-night Great Lakes itinerary, between Chicago & Toronto.

Pearl Mist Great Lakes cruises travel through four of the Great Lakes, Georgian Bay, and the Thirty Thousand Islands region. They will explore the largest freshwater ecosystem in the world, while enjoying exhilarating views of Niagara Falls from the best possible vantage points and serene views of the passing untouched wilderness. With a wonderful diversity of port stops, guests will have the opportunity to tour both Chicago and Toronto.  A wide range of shore excursions include a visit to Mackinac Island and discovering the history of the automobile at the Henry Ford Museum.

Every Pearl Mist cruise offers award-winning onboard enrichment programs, guided shore excursions, and all-inclusive fine dining. The 210-passenger Pearl Mist has private furnished balconies and the largest most comfortable staterooms in the industry.

Pearl Seas Cruises provides an intimate cruising experience and highly personalized service. The Line offers unique itineraries to the Canadian Maritimes, St. Lawrence Seaway, Great Lakes cruises, New England, and Cuba.

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