Bahamas Opens New Margaritaville

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For those that just can’t get enough Jimmy Buffet vibes, you’ll be happy to know that there will soon be a new Margaritaville Beach resort complex in Nassau.

Margaritaville Holdings is building Margaritaville at The Pointe, a $ 250 million, six-acre development.  A phased-in opening is expected in mid-2019.  The complex will include a new 150-room Margaritaville Beach Resort plus 150 luxury oceanfront residences.  In keeping with Jimmy’s record titles, the oceanfront luxe condos will be called One Particular Harbour at The Pointe.  Your condo will have access to a marina, water park, spa, entertainment center, signature Margaritaville food and beverage concepts, retail shops, a kid’s club and more.

Margaritaville Beach Resort

Vacationers to the Margaritaville Beach Resort at The Pointe can visit the open-air shopping concourse, catch a movie, go bowling, experience the outdoor performance stage for live shows, jump into cascading water pool, and of course relax on the private beach complete with cabanas and chaise lounges.  Plus of course, Margaritaville signature dining and drinking venues.


Designed for families, the resort will include the LandShark water park, a cave aquarium, diving pool, water slide tower, infinity pool, private hot tub, surf simulator, beach entry pool, children’s splash play area and tropical island overlooking a lazy river.

Tiki hut-style shops will line the public-access boardwalk at the marina selling authentic local crafts. Plus there will be a pier restaurant and yacht club facility.  Tourists can catch a water taxi for excursions to points of interest and attractions around Nassau.

What about for cruisers?

What I’m really curious to know is whether or not day passes to the resort will be available to cruise guests.  Sort of like when Atlantis first opened, no one except Atlantis resort guests were allowed to enter past the fish tanks.

Then slowly someone realized how to make money off of cruise passengers and cruise ships began to offer day tours to Atlantis for a ridiculous amount of money.  If you don’t want to dish out $ 79 or more per person, now just about anyone can wander over and inside the resort without paying a penny, just to have a look around.

I hope Margaritaville Beach Resort is more Jimmy than a garish resort complex.  If so, I’d pay a small fee for a day pass to spend several hours at Margaritaville Beach Resort.  Would you?

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