Visiting Argentina

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Argentina is an incredible tourist destination. You have to get to Argentina is you want to sample the best of South American culture. Buenos Aires is a breathtaking city. The ancient monuments there will certainly leave lasting impressions on you. The Perito Moreno Glacier is mesmerizing. You can’t miss to see it when you get there. The Iguazu falls have one of the most spectacular sights in South America.

Travelling can be expensive. However, travelling to Argentina is now cheaper than it has ever been. The Argentinian peso has 140% less value now than it had two years ago. How does that make it cheaper? We also recommend visiting to get even better deals.

Eat Outs

Eating out at local joints where the food is paid for in pesos will certainly be cheaper. The trick is to identify the joints that locals frequent. You will certainly find some good food at a fair value. Though the price might not be the same as it was two years ago, you still pay a lot less than you would in any capital in North America or Europe.


Spoiler alert! Many hotels in the capital will price their services in dollars. As such, you may not be able to save a lot on accommodation, if you must stay in the capital. However, you could opt for modest accommodation options that are plenty on

Getting Around

You could use public means to get around the country and the city as well. The buses and trains will get you wherever you need to go. You will pay for such services in pesos. Entry fees to various attractions are paid for in pesos as well.

The idea is to go for goods and services that you have to pay for in pesos. You could also have a local advisor to advise you about the actual prices of goods and services if you aren’t sure. Saving a little bit on each of these costs will end up making your visit to Argentina a lot cheaper than it would have been two years ago. Flight costs might remain the same, but you can certainly reduce your expenditure on everything else while there. It might a bit difficult, but the best way to save while travelling to a different country is to stay there like a local.

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