Guided Tour of Vilnius, Lithuania

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A European holiday plan will certainly include Vilnius as a must go destination because it’s Europe’s hottest travel destination. People from all over Europe, US and Australia are flocking the Lithuanian capital and you surely would not want to miss out on this gorgeous location. Vilnius is known as the ‘The Jerusalem of Lithuania’ and ‘The Rome of the North’. The city is popular for its religious and historical treasures that attract thousands of travelers from all over the world.

However, Vilnius is shedding its tag as a treasured museum and fast making a name for its unique gastronomic culture, charming population, and extremely happening nightlife. The Lithuanian capital is accessible from prominent European cities – so plan your 2019 trip to Vilnius without further delay.

Here’s a list of places to visit and things to do when you are in town:

  • Vilnius Old Town

The Vilnius Old Town has been tagged as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the city’s primary attraction. Like any other historic location, you will be able to view the old churches, grand palaces and cobblestone alleyways. The vast size of this old town will be a pleasant surprise; however, you will be able to walk around without being too exhausted, thanks to the beautiful weather and local people.

  • Vilnius Cathedral

Vilnius Cathedral stands tall among all the other adjoining buildings and palaces. Tourists can’t get enough of its medieval architecture and local handicrafts being sold in the stalls. Some of the must-see structures in the Cathedral area include the Cathedral Square, the Gates of Dawn, Virgin Mary’s statue with baby Jesus and Church of St Anne’s redbrick complex.

  • The Hill of Three Crosses

No tour to Vilnius is complete without a visit to The Hill of Three Crosses located in the Kalnu Park. The Soviet forces destroyed this 17th century original structure during the 1950s and what we see today is just the replica. However, this is nothing short of the original and you will certainly find it as interesting and thrilling as the original one.  Trekking to the top of the hill is a great experience in itself.

  • Trakai Castle

Even if you’re staying at Vilnius for a day, it’s imperative that you pay a visit to the historic town of Trakai. The town is situated 25 kilometers west to Vilnius and is known for its stunning view comprising of a beautiful lake, grand castle and cute-looking wooden houses. Get a Kayak and go exploring around this beautiful town!

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