Gorgeous and Majestic Destinations

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The world is blessed with amazing features, ones which will leave you amazed and wish to live there forever. Below are some of the places with such features.

  1. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Zhangjiajie is in China, and it easily makes for the most magical and incredible scenes in the world, and if you have had the rumor of James Cameron’s inspiration for his Hallelujah Mountains, then this is the place. The place has numerous tall pillars which are covered in twisted pines and fresh green vines. The ever-there fog highlights the whole look with a touch of mystery, making it even more beautiful. This site will not only take your breath away, but it will also stick in your mind forever.

  • Antelope Kanyon

Found in Nevada, Antelope Kanyon is another site which is insanely magnificent. This is one place you will always want to come back to, if not for anything then for the amazing pictures you will take. It was formed by flood and rain which curved it into a whimsical view. Long in the early days, the Navajo Natives used it as a roaming ground. You should, however, ensure that you are always aware of where you are and the warning signs, lest you be carried away with the occasional flash floods.

  • Svalbard

Norway’s Svalbard is among the most incredible places in the world. It is probably the highest point in the world, as it is situated between 74th and 81st parallel.  The place experiences polar nights, and during this time, the sun does not rise, but the sky keeps clear and blue, hence the blue, bright twilight. Which creates just the perfect sight you would give anything to see. Besides, this is the right time and place to catch sight of the amazing aurora borealis, which is the appearance of reddish and greenish light in the sky, to create a breathtaking view.

  • Mammoth Cave in Kentucky

Among the widely known and appreciated caves in the world is Mammoth Cave, partly because it is the longest cave in the world, and also because of its magical site. This place usually floods with people throughout the year, except during winter, which can be a good thing. Imagine having the place and the tour guide to explain everything, to yourself or with a much smaller group. It is also amazing how the cave usually remains warm when the ground outside it freezes with cold.

  • Gullfoss

Gullfoss is a city in Iceland that get visitors year in year out, all attributed to its beautiful landscape. While the place is beautiful during the summer, the ice of the winter season turns it magical, and you do not want to miss the view. The snow is trapped by the stones and the blue shades of water highlight the sight.

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