Where To Visit In Africa

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Africa has always been the mother of diversity, and for this reason, it has grown to be known all over the world. Each of the African countries always has something to offer, either some beautiful culture, or beautiful wildlife, traditional foods, and of course the friendly people. However, there are some of the countries that you would want to put on top of your list. This is a must read if you are planning on taking a tour of Africa,

  1. Morocco

Morocco is the most traveled to the African country, and it has a lot to explain why. The first reason is that compared to other African countries, Morocco has proximity to most European countries, including Spain. Morocco also has some fantastic features you won’t resist, like Ait Benhaddou where most tourists who are after experiencing a little of traditional pre-Saharan life would go. Additionally, Morocco hosts widely known festivals like the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music, which should be an a must go to anyone who visits the country.

About the security of the country, there are a few cases of theft, but you still will want to take care of your belonging.

  1. Kenya

Kenya has always been in the spotlight, for both good and bad news, for her gold-winning marathon runners as well as its abundant wildlife and natural features. The best place to stay when the country Mombasa, that is the coastal region. This is always the destination of most tourists mainly because of rolling dunes and beautiful beaches. Not far from the beach are usually yoga wellness retreat where you can go once in a while to communicate with yourself.

One thing that you will want to take note of are the petty thieves. The narrow streets always have a thief or two who might be eyeing what you and your property.

  1. Botswana

Botswana is among the safest African countries and the perfect choice to take your family to, for a vacation. Besides the security, Botswana is home to a variety of wildlife from elephants to hippos. The country is also ideal for travelers who love canoeing; you can take a mokoro ride.

  1. Mozambique

The reputation of Mozambique proceeds her, mainly because of the astounding white sandy beaches with the beautifully swaying palm trees. You wouldn’t say you have visited the country without having to taste its sweet and fresh coconut juice. This place, however, is not a fit for someone who fancies luxurious hotels and exotic vacation.

  1. Namibia

Namibia is also another country that you can visit and not always worry about losing your variables. Its most famous national park, Etosha National Park, offers the largest species of birds and a wide variety of mammals. Animal lovers usually prefer this country, and they are never disappointed because the wildlife is amazing.

  1. Malawi

For some time it has not been a good idea visiting Malawi, mostly because of once unstable governance. However, the country is getting the hang of it, and things are getting back to normal, which means that you can visit it and have some valuable time getting to know the local Malawians; because that’s what fascinates most travelers.



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