What to Do in Antarctica

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Are you planning on visiting Antarctica,  as much as you can’t wait to get there, you still haven’t figured out what you are to do once there? Well, I can help with that. I can’t say I am an expert in this area but the few times I have been there, I can say for sure that I know two or three things you will enjoy doing.

  1. Kayaking

This was my favorite, and the experience was splendid. How would you react if a whale beaches right next to you? I would scream with astonishment, and that is what I did. The sight was astonishing. However, when kayaking in Antarctica, you more besides that. The amazing surrounds and the cold water highlights the whole experience.

  1. Mountain climbing

I tried this one on Mt. Vinson ones, and that’s all. I never went back, and this is not because it wasn’t fun or adventurous. On the contrary, it was extremely exploratory. The problem is I was tired and beat within the first hour, and this is as good as nothing, compared to the height of the mountain (4897m). If you are a true adventurer and like challenging yourself, then you have your thing.

  1. Skiing

This could be a little bit dangerous to beginners. However, it is the most exhilarating experience for ski experts. The slopes here are very steep and skiing up; you can reach the top peaks and back, providing the exact thrill you need.

  1. Camping under the stars

Camping under the stars in Antarctica can be the most fulfilling activity to do in your trip to the white continent. The feeling of waking up to the snowy surrounds is fantastic. All you have to do to get the best experience is to have your sleeping bag, have a good squad and of course visit the facilities beforehand.

  1. Have an experience swimming in the coldest waters in the world

You probably will be feeling tired a day or two to the end of your trip. I also did, and I had a remedy for that. I decided to awaken my spirits by taking a polar plunge. This means having a dip into world’s coldest water; the ones in Antarctica. It is even a better experience using companies like One Ocean Expeditions, because then you will get to swim in Antarctica, with a volcano active.

  1. Get some interesting lessons

Did you know that the whales in Antarctica almost got extinct in the 1900s? Before Antarctica became a protected region, the level of whaling for oil had heightened, and aggressive methods were used. It was not until the authorities got involved that the whaling stopped.

Besides the fun, try chipping in a little knowledge; who knows? It might come in handy during the trip or some other day

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