Antarctica Attractions

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Antarctica has been recording a rapidly increasing number of travelers. You probably want to find out why; typical of a real traveler. The reasons are many, from the wildlife to the amazing scenery. However, there could be another slightly different reason. I would be exaggerating to say the place is flooding with penguins, but it won’t be far from the truth.

  1. Antarctica Peninsula

Every traveler visiting Antarctica always expects to see this place. To say the least, it was all that was in my mind the first time I was visiting Antarctica, and I am glad I wasn’t disappointed. I was taken by all the massive iceberg and towering mountains, but what caught my attention entirely was the multiple species of penguins. I particularly loved the emperors. The glaciers also added to all that beauty.

  1. Drake Passage

This is another place you will go to if you fancy icebergs. However, the icebergs are not the main things in this astonishing place. One thing you will leave with, drawn on your mind, is the sight of the rolling winds. This makes a perfect destination for someone yearning a little thrill, as the winds can sometimes be so strong you have to struggle to be steady, lest you find yourself on the ground. The place also has one of the most eye-catching surrounds.

  1. South Shetland Islands

This frozen site is approximately 160km on the North of Antarctica Peninsula and is among the most visited places of the continent. Just like most of Antarctica’s most visited, this place also has glaciers and penguins. However, a bonus over the other sites is that the South Shetland Islands also has elephant seals, fjords and ice almost wholly covering the area.

  1. Falkland Islands

Falkland is highlighted with the strikingly beautiful rural scenery. On the astonishing shore are usually Elephant and fur seals sprawled all over. Falkland has a bit of more to offer compared to the other places we’ve looked at. Besides the magical site, this place has rockhoppers, Gentoo, Magellanic penguins. If you are a birding lover, then this could be your place.

Take note of the cold

Antarctica can be very fun and adventurous. However, its ever-low temperature might not allow you to fully enjoy your visit, and you might start thinking of leaving faster than you had planned. It is, therefore, advisable that you equip yourself with anything possible that might prevent you from cutting short your adventure.

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